Human Hamster for Dementia Appeal

Most of us know of someone who is suffering from dementia and how difficult life can be for those who have dementia, as well as for friends and family. My very personal experience is my mum who got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s only aged 64. The road to the diagnosis was long with many hospital visits and it was a very confusing and stressful time for the whole family. Of course the years that have followed since have not been easy. I am convinced that the stress my father was under as her main carer contributed to his sudden departure from this world in 2010. She is now in very good care and I know how important it is for her and for our family that she is in an environment that is suitably adapted to her needs.

Because of this I am of course particularly happy that my good friend Dean Ovel has decided to dedicate his Human Hamster Wheel Challenge to raising money for Southend Hospital’s Dementia Appeal. This appeal is aiming to raise funds to better cater for the needs of patients with dementia by creating a dementia-friendly hospital environment.

Dean is an engineer and has built his own giant hamster wheel. He will be running in this wheel in central Southend from midday on Saturday 21st May for 24 hours, very aptly rounding off the Dementia Awareness Week. I had a crack at running in it and I managed less than 5 seconds before I felt sick, see for yourselves below!

If you feel this is a worthwhile cause to support, please help Dean’s fundraising efforts HERE. Follow Dean and the challenge on Twitter HERE.

The rumour has it that this completely unique and custom built human sized hamster wheel might be for sale at some point after the challenge with the proceeds going to the charity… Dean might hold on to it for a little while as he has spent a lot of time on it and they’ve become like good friends.. 😉 But who knows, this might change on Sunday… In any case I have signed it just to make it even slightly more unique!

2016-05-20 18.31.47 HDR.jpg
Fourth runner in the world to try the wheel!
Signing it
2016-05-20 18.37.34
Final practise!


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